5 Most Innovative Product Packages around the World

Every day we come across hundreds of products. Enticing packages of various products with hues of colors, add an extra edge to the customers satisfaction. Companies have to balance between design and practicality. What may look good may not pass a simple leak test from package detectors like FlexPaks. This post however is about the 5 most innovative product packages, when designers went out of their way to present an ordinary product with an extraordinary package.


1. Squeeze & Fresh

By Backbone Branding

This neat juice holder will show you how much drink you have left in a fun and creative way! It's naturally eye catching and I'm sure your kids will love it!


2. Note Headphones

Designed by Corinne Pant

The headphones are packed as such to resemble music notes. Simple yet creative. Sure to draw the attention of many shoppers!


3. Happy Eggs Packaging

by Maja Szczypek

Egg is such a staple part of our diet that we often don't consider the negatives of it. That is, the waste produced from egg containers. Well here comes a solution! This egg carton is eco friendly. This bio degradable egg holder is entirely made of hay. Made of such sustainable material, it also reminds one of the natural habitats of hens, and connects us to nature.


4. Butter with Knife

Designed by YeongKeun

Gone are those days when one had to carry an extra butter knife, just to help oneself with a spoon full of butter. With this 2 in 1 butter, you can easily remove the knife like covering and use it to serve yourself. Convenient at home, restaurants, or eating on the go!


5. Apple product packaging

Photo by Brett Jordan

Product packaging of Apple is no less than art. Apple has always been acclaimed for its technical superiority, but with its detailed product packaging, it definitely stands out. For the company apart from technical soundness, it’s equally important how the product is being presented to the customers and it is well known that they are second to known when it comes to marketing and presentation.





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