Making the Most of Your Eyelash Extensions

Human "I" in Closeup by Nithi Anand

It’s human nature to want to try things and make various adjustments to our personal look. People naturally pay more attention to attractive individuals.  If every day no one made an effort to try out new looks it would become a routine of boredom. Luckily there are plenty of fashion options to keep change frequent and flowing.

We all share a common place as people: we all want to make ourselves look better. Whether it’s losing a few pounds, a hair cut, or in this case, a set of eyelash extensions, we all want to pamper ourselves.

Once you take the step of getting the extensions you should consider taking these steps to make the most out of them:

Consider your sleeping position

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? It really isn’t. When you first put in the extensions you should try your very best to sleep in a position that isn’t going to compromise the direction of the lashes. For the first day or two the best option is to try and sleep on your back.

Oil, oil, and more oil

The durability of eyelash extensions can be enhanced by keeping them properly lubricated, this can be as simply as applying baby oil. When you do this it allows them to maintain a natural flexibility, whereas if they get dry it does the exact opposite. It will cripple the form if not ruin that part of the extension indefinitely.

Avoid needlessly touching them

While it’s difficult to not play with the product, you really shouldn’t. Once you have them applied and they are looking great the best thing you can do is leave them be and maintain them.

It can be the most innocent touch that sends the look from sitting pretty to looking the exact opposite.

Be careful removing make-up

When you are taking your make-up off do it in a very gentle way. Try taking make-up off with a cleaning wipe as opposed to using cotton swabs that could potentially actually get caught in your extensions. Not only would this likely result in the extensions being partially ruined, it just wouldn’t look good.

Spoolie Wand

Take the time to keep your lashes properly combed and maintained. This will prevent them from going awkward directions, keep the durability maintained by keeping them free flowing, and best of all: keep you looking great.

Who should get eyelash extensions?

This is a fun little journey that just about anyone can try out. It isn’t a permanent, there are several different options, and it grants the opportunity to get a little bit creative (See some great examples here)

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it on a normal occasion then consider a holiday and doing it in a festive-oriented style. The best thing about extensions is it grants the chance to see who we are in a different, playful way. The outcome can often times surprise,

Live a little, experiment, and see whether this would fit your style. Worst case scenario? They are only temporary.  

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