Reasons Why IP Address Conflicts are Dangerous and How To Avoid Them?

IP address conflicts are a common issue today, experienced frequently by users. An IP address is basically a unique number assigned to your computer, to let you connect to the Internet or any other network. A conflict arises when two or more computers are assigned the same IP address, resulting in both the computers being unable to connect to the Internet. Network connectivity is lost, which can be a huge inconvenience to some users.

IP addresses can be static or dynamic, with dynamic addresses being assigned temporarily to a system. Both types of IP addresses could be subject to conflicts, but it is much rare with static addresses. They are considered a small glitch, which can be remedied easily.

These conflicts are only temporary and usually resolve on their own. In other cases, restarting the computer or rebooting the router usually solves the issue. However, the problem is that resolution may not happen immediately sometimes. For users whose business can incur heavy losses even if access to the Internet is lost for a few minutes, this can be a huge problem. Connectivity lost during crucial times can become intolerable.

Though IP address conflicts are only temporary, we live in a world where loss of connectivity for even a short while is unthinkable. So, instead of trying to resolve the issue once it occurs, there are now ways that prevent this problem from occurring.

IP Address Management Software from trusted developers like BlueCat is the software that plans, manages and keeps track of the IP addresses to ensure that no two computers are assigned the same IP address. It manages the address space of the Internet Protocol and actively notifies the network engineer of available addresses and IP addresses that are currently in use.

This software periodically scans the entire network or subnets of the network to determine which address is available and which is reserved. The availability status is sent to the network engineer who uses this information to plan his allocation of IP address in a better way or in most cases, this process is made automatic. An alert notification is sent when an IP address which is reserved becomes available, so that it can be allocated to another user.

IP Address Management Software saves considerable amount of time and resource spent on resolving IP address conflicts. It offers more visibility and control and reduces unnecessary lapses in connectivity.

It keeps constantly updating itself and keeps the IP records of an organization up-to-date. An IP address history is also tracked and a snapshot of the current IP addresses in use is provided whenever requested.

Using address management software, IP addresses and resources can be managed much faster. It is a reliable, affordable and works in a smart and consistent way. In case an IP address conflict does occur, it is usually resolved in a matter of minutes.

IP Address Management Software is a perfect tool to reduce IP address conflicts to a point where it no longer occurs. Organizations for which connectivity is crucial will benefit by using this software to resolve and reduce IP conflicts.

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