Things To Consider Before Implementing Indoor Navigation For Your Business

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Digital wayfinding technologies have revolutionized the whole process of wayfinding. It has proven to be beneficial not only to people or individuals who are lost but has greatly benefitted many commercial as well as government organizations.

From shopping malls to hospitals, everyone now is embarking and taking up this technology as it provides great user experience. In spite of all the advantages pertaining to digital wayfinding, taking up new projects and figuring out the idle wayfinding technology can be a very challenging and a cumbersome task.

But there’s nothing that you can’t achieve, below are some of the steps that you should keep in mind or consider before you embark wayfinding technologies for your business:

What role wayfinding technologies play in the project you embark upon?

User should know how the positioning system would effectively aid to the project and accomplish the task at hand. This would help the user not only in the development phases but will greatly help the user with the sales. Knowing things like how the technologies have been modified and integrated to obtain the desired result would not only help you to obtain potential vendors and investors but with proper analysis even gives you an insight the on the return such projects can provide.

What are the optimal devices for your business needs?

This decision should be carefully thought out so that services can be provided to a large number of people. Mobile devices especially smart phones which are omnipresent is one such device. By deploying the app through booths and counters in the facility itself would also be of help as then the services can even be provided to the users who don’t already have the app. Proper planning and a good amount of thinking should be put in this step and also plans should be made regarding the SDK’s support.

What do you know about map integration?

Another thing that needs to be considered is the scale or level of details in which the maps are integrated with the app. The developing team should have a clear idea about the extent to which the maps should be digitized so that maximum features with minimum cost can be obtained. While digitization of the maps, care should also be taken regarding the mode in which the navigation is conveyed, it should be interactive and universally understood.

Do you have enough knowledge about location awareness?

Location awareness: This term refers to real time locating or positioning support as the user navigates. Location awareness provides a turn by turn navigation experience. But in order to incorporate such feature, care must be taken that the facility should be equipped with proper hardware infrastructure. Technologies like Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are few of the many devices through which location awareness can be implemented.

How do you get a proficient set of developers?

In order to develop a product which not only suffices the present needs but also is incorporated with the technologies to deal with any future requisites, we need a proficient set of developers. The developer can use the platform SDK to integrate with different third party applications such as parking apps, mall apps to update and locate products as well as stores and incorporate location awareness technology. Features like landmark based navigation can be used to attract more consumers.

How would you track customers' behaviours?

With wayfinding technology immense data and information can be tracked which give a useful insight on the customer behavior. This information can further be used to provide a holistic experience to the customers. For this proper integration has to be done so that such information can be squeezed out from the existing applications and data streams.


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