Why Do We Need To Test Software's Quality?

In today’s world, quality is emphasized more than the other characteristics of software development like cost, time and effort. The end user and the customer want a product which is of high quality, which caters to their needs and works well.

So, how do we know if our product is good enough to give the customer?

This is where software testing comes into the picture.

Software testing is the last step in Software Development Life Cycle which is done rigorously before software is deployed. However, it is wise to begin testing earlier to reduce the cost of fixing errors. It tests for errors, bugs, defects in the software system and notifies the development team to correct the errors. Not only does software testing identify errors, but also identifies other problems in the software product. It can find out if the output displayed is correct with respect to the input, ensure that the product meets the users’ expectations, etc.

Humans tend to make mistakes and in this competitive world where the market is full of software companies, these mistakes can be quite expensive.

The prime objective of testing is to ensure that the flaws in the system are identified before they are given to the user.

If faulty software is delivered to the user, the customer satisfaction is lost which results in the organization securing repeat business.

In order for a company to stay in business, it has to ensure that the products that it delivers are of high quality and are highly reliable. The best applications have to be delivered which are error-free. Testing aims to reduce the probability of the user finding flaws when working with the system and reporting it. Alpha and Beta testing is done by making the end users work on the software because some errors can only be found by the people who use it.

A system that works well in the tester’s environment may not work well in a different environment or in a different platform. Also, a system that works well when one user is working may not be able to work well when hundreds of users are using it.

Stress testing, Performance testing, Security testing are all done as a part of system testing to make sure the system is reliable.

White box testing tests whether the logic flows correctly in the program and black box testing checks whether the correct output is produced for each set of inputs.

There are hundreds of different types of testing like acceptance testing, compliance testing, integration testing, etc. The tester assumes several different roles such as the role of a hacker in security testing, end user in acceptance testing. Software quality consultants like QA Consultants test and assure the efficiency of a given software.

Though testing can be a long, tedious and time consuming process, it is essential to improve the quality of the software. A product developed which has not been sufficiently tested is more likely to fail in the market. Nobody wants a faulty product and it is up to the company to make sure that its products are the best it can deliver.

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