Windows 10 Vs Windows 8: Which is Better?

Before we start talking on the issue, let’s walk down our memory lanes for a while. Remember Windows 98? Well, it revolutionized the way operating systems functioned those days. Just when we thought it can’t get any better, Windows ME was released followed by the release of Windows XP. Everybody is familiar with the huge success that Windows XP proved to be once it was launched. It made the earlier versions of Windows go obsolete because of the power-packed new features it offered back then, during what was believed to be the stone age for operating systems.

Unlike with previous versions of Windows, Microsoft offered Windows 10 for free for existing Windows 8 users who purchased it from a verified reseller like Software King or it came preinstalled on their device. Ever since the latest version of Windows got unleashed, people have been fussing about whether the new version of windows is better than its previous versions. If you have been pondering over the same issue, guiding you towards the minute upgrades that windows 10 offers is what this post is all about:

The Start Menu

This is probably the best thing to start with. Our old favorite start menu which was discontinued in Windows 8 has made its return in Windows 10.The best thing about it? It has gotten way better! The start menu has been redesigned keeping in mind the usability requirements of Windows apps. It includes a list of all the apps you have used recently along with an “All Apps” shortcut. Thinking about customizing your start menu? Well, Microsoft has made sure you don’t end up whining whenever t comes to customizing the start menu your way. You can resize as well as rearrange the tabs whichever way suits you the best.


Have you ever imagined the freedom of finishing some work on your way to office which you began back at your home computer? Windows 10 offers this flexibility to their users. You can run universal apps like Outlook and Word across all devices that run Windows 10, with your data synchronized across all the devices you choose- whether they be portable or not has not much to do with the flexibility.

Windows 8 however, does not provide as much flexibility as there are different versions available of the software depending on the devices they need to be installed on.


Cortana was the most anticipated feature of Windows 10 that successfully created a buzz amongst the people before it was actually released. Cortana is capable of doing much more than simple speech recognitions; it can do wonders on the web as per the user demands. It makes looking something up on the internet much more convenient and fun contrary to conventional method when you had no other choice but to do it yourself.

The virtual assistant definitely gives Windows 10 an edge over Windows 8 considering the wide scope of functionalities it offers.


Microsoft has attempted on giving its users a true XBOX experience in Windows 10. With the XBOX feature included in Windows 10, Microsoft has focused on giving its users the best features of XBOX live and XBOX console. The app offers a unified view of games with the details of the gaming history of you as well as your friends. The fact that Windows 10 allows you to stream the games from your XBOX to your laptop or PC would definitely be a cool feature, isn’t it?

Windows 8, on the other hand lags way behind in offering such experiences due to the unavailability of a built-in app. 

Windows 10 is definitely a wise choice if you have followed the post so far. The fact that Windows 10 is free to upgrade makes it a dream deal too. Now you can either make a pros and cons list and waste your time or upgrade to Windows 10 and explore the coolest features solely available in this operating system right now. 

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